MOOC Transnational Radio Stories

TRANSNATIONAL RADIO STORIES is an open online course for people who are interested in understanding the various ways radio tells stories and shapes identities of individuals and societies alike. Join us to explore radio’s transnational entanglements, its expressions of individual and territorial identity, its methods of storytelling, and its auditory cultures.

What does radio do best? Why are we fascinated by stories on the radio, and are there global rules for telling them? Our open online course will explore these questions in a new kind of international environment:

Learners will be provided with a multimedia learning environment and group interaction through our learning platform. As there will be no meetings in person, the participants are encouraged to form online study groups to collaborate with other participants on group assignments. Forums and chats are open for general discussion as well as topic-related inquiries.

The course will be held exclusively online and in English. Participation is open for everybody and free of charge. Anyone who is interested in radio and radio culture is welcome to participate. Students may complete the course with a certificate and 5 credit points in accordance with the ECTS. Therefore they need to complete an “advanced track”, passing a final assignment and paying an administrative fee of €50.


  • start: September 21st 2015
  • duration: 8 weeks
  • language: English
  • online only
  • optional certificate with ECTS

TRANSNATIONAL RADIO STORIES is a project of the ONLINE RADIO M.A., funded by the State of Saxony-Anhalt’s Ministry of Science and Economics. It is developed in cooperation with partners from the HERA-funded research project TRANSNATIONAL RADIO ENCOUNTERS, and with additional authors from the international radio research community.

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